Goodbye plastic bubble,
Hellooo Mallarol !

Protect and cushion fragile products in a planet-friendly way.

It is posible.

Sustainable honeycomb Kraft paper for packaging

Mallarol is the ideal alternative when you need wrapping, protection and at the same time an aesthetic and sustainable packaging instead of the traditional plastic bubble packaging.

Our die-cutting technology offers excellent protection performance, friendly to the planet.

The leading packaging and cushioning solution is naturally reusable and biodegradable.

Mallarol Attributes

Space saving

vs bubble wrap: looks like flat kraft paper when on the roll

Easy to carry

store and takes up a small amount of storage space compared to plastic cushioning wraps for packaging

Allows you to stretch

the padding to the desired density securing your product from impacts..

No need for scissors or tape

Impact after impact is reusable and resistant

Has more flexibility than plastic wrap, newspaper or wrapping paper

Advantages of using Mallarol in your Packaging.

Exceptionally Strong

At first glance, you may underestimate the strength of a honeycomb package. However, Mallarol is a true innovation in terms of strength. Its resilience comes from its design, where the honeycomb core and layers act together like steel beams.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Despite its tremendous strength, Mallarol is remarkably lightweight. This characteristic makes it surprisingly suitable for packaging. Companies can take advantage of this paper to reduce the weight of their shipments, which translates into protection and convenience.

Fully Recyclable

Mallarol is a fully recyclable paper. In fact, it is made from renewable and recycled paper, bonded together with a water-based adhesive. Generally, Mallarol uses less paper in its manufacture compared to corrugated cardboard.

Economical and Cost Effective

Because less material is used in the creation process, Mallarol is more economical to produce and purchase.

Also, by reducing the weight of your shipments with this innovative packaging material, you will also be reducing your shipping costs.


Innovative packaging system super easy to use

Step 1

Unroll the appropriate size wrapper from the object and place the object on top of the Mallarol.

Step 2

Stretch the Mallarol so that the cushioning structure unfolds. Then wrap the object while maintaining tension.

Step 3

Once you are finished wrapping, cut the Mallarol to disconnect it from the roll. The wrap will hold its shape and protect your object from any external damage.





Width: 39 cms
Length: 450meters
Diameter: 7.62 cms
Weight: 14.5kg



Width: 39cms
Length: 50 metros
Diameter: 7.62cms
Weight: 1.70kg


Roll 50 mts

Roll 450 mts

Roll 50 mts + Dispenser box

Roll 450 mts + Metal dispenser box

3 Pack - Large Surfaces

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